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So I was on youtube looking for WIG reviews since I have a boudoir shoot coming up and of course I also want to just -- protect my natural hair. I'm on the journey for healthier hair this year and so I know I want to use more protective styles outside of braids/twists. 

Check out this amazing ass video right here on how she constructed her afro wig. You know Im doing this shit right? 

So dope right! 

It's a NEW year .. .

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.. but, it's the same ole' me! I'm not all that sad about the shit either. I've been on a self-discovering journey for the past seven months and I'm in love with the person I've found, but I'm not in love with what she's still looking like, I guess.  

But you know what, though, I don't give two shits of a damn because I'm working on it and finally happy in the process. The last time I was doing it because I felt like I was ready, lost the weight, got depressed and then never looked back on the weight gain again. This time, though, I am not happy about it, and so I decided that if I can change everything else when I'm not happy with it ... why not do the same with my weight.  So many signs pointed toward me making this changed. Periscope has been a HUGE game changer for me and not just personally, but professionally and since I've challenged myself to shrink on the scope. I haven't looked back. Then, hubby got me a FitBit for Christmas and not even knowing I already had a tracking thing, but check this out -- I really love it, and my friend Tasha Prescott is always inviting me to challenges and shit. LOL 

HERE IS THE KICKER -- I've entered a selfie challenge with Lucrecer Braxton. I have to take pictures of myself either daily or weekly, but I am choosing daily .. I want to see how much my weight, skin and hair changes. I know right, all three of those babies -- so stinking excited! 


So hears to 364 or 365 more days. I feel like you guys always see this photo of me, like nothing changes and I, feel like I've been saying I'm going to lose weight, forever. LOL. I won't be following everyone back on Instagram, I won't be adding folks to all my shit in 2016. I will only follow who or what inspires me -- POINT BLANK! 

Oh! I've also missed my blog. I've taken so many fucking courses this pass year and started following more and more business bloggers this past year (it's about to be on and popping). Like I know my shit, and I'm a beast on the knowledge, but these ladies have been awesome. I've also been in some pretty amazing groups too on my other profile w/no friends and just FULL to the brim of knowledge. My MM coach Regina is a BEAST -- anyway -- back on track here. Let's make 2016 COUNT!  SHALL WE -- and expect a makeover on my personal blog too since I'm really back to blogging (now that I know what I'm going to do). 

I've been Vlog'n

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I have surely missed you guys, but as you know I've been spending my days preparing for my conference, working on a few commercial shoots and back to my teleworking day job with LHM. I'm so excited how things have been going in my life too, like I've been seriously fucking HAPPY! 

I'm also on Periscope a lot more and I guess this particular scope moved a lot of fucking people, because I received 29,000 hearts. WTF. I know I usually get a lot of love on the scope, because I know that people appreciate me for who I am (regardless of what the fake ass wanna be's think). I'm just myself and nothing more. I'm not looking for people to love me, or feel like I'm missing a need in the industry. I'm just happy that I'm doing my thing and going to bring love and motivation to those that need it. From victims to business owners. 

Here is my reasoning for using Periscope the way I feel and TANGENTS!  Comment below are you on Periscope.

OH, I'm giving this blog a makeover, I finally found the right squarespace training for me and I'm about to SLAY! 



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How the heck are you guys doing out there? I know it's been like 22 days since my last blog post, and I've been doing so well. Things are going really good for me and I'm super busy getting so much done and launched. I'm even working on TWO BOOKS that I'm going to be putting on the Amazon site (I FUCKING KNOW RIGHT). I'm so excited about my pace too and one thing I need to stop doing is sharing my secrets and stuff with people. I need to stop being a giver of MY hard work and research. I have a bad habit of that, folks never really give me anything in return and even though it's not for that. I'm tired of mainly helping people out and they do NOTHING with the information given to them. 

I'm done carrying the weight of being a giver. I will however help on the business side of the house with Tough Business Love, don't get it twisted there, but personally, I'm done. So outside of that I turned 39 while I was away and usually I would celebrate, but right now I'm waiting on my Tilapia to finish so that I can cook my asparagus and shit. Y'know the whole healthy get your ass right syndrome. LMAO. 

What's going on with you all? 


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  "excerpt from my upcoming guide © "Mindset Shift" by Sasha Holloway:

"Stop playing yourself small due to other people's opinions. You have to stop self-sabotaging yourself and your successes. You're so afraid of being criticized, you end up taking the spineless road. You do this because you want people to "like you". Don't lose yourself trying to please people that could care if you're coming or going. People follow those that are on top, regardless of how they made it there. 

Stop apologizing for excellence. 
Stop apologizing for being educated and smart.  
Stop apologizing and feeling sorry for those that are still stuck. 

If you're going to have a movement, make a true and positive movement and spread the right message. Women don't support or celebrate each other enough. I no longer play in circles with people that don't swim in the deep end, but would rather sit in the shade on the shallow end. 

You're a business whether small or large; you need to grow it. Stop wasting time being sympathetic to everyone around you and go get your coins. Stop being non-supportive of those you don't think can get you to the top. Just like not all money is good money, neither are the steps some people take to get to the top. 

Be yourself and remember you have to make money. So build a business that reflects YOUR hard work and not that of someone else's. Stop living in bubble labeled "reflection" and start traveling down your lane. Below I want you to list steps you're going to take to start being "successful". Your success might be losing ten pounds, but who gives a shit. Just start writing". -- Sasha Holloway

Yah, I'm pretty much the girl that goes in and tells the truth and speaks my mind. I just wish others would be more genuine and do the same when it comes to their business practices in the industries out there.